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Queen Bee Signature Flower 24kt

Queen Bee Signature Flower 24kt

This is the crown jewel of the Queen Bee Collection. If you were looking for the ultimate work of art to commemorate your special day, then look no further. This piece features an all-white body, with real 24k gold leaf embedded into the wrap and center of the flower. It sits atop a lacy, white pedestal for all to admire. A beauty to behold, this piece is as stunning as the bride herself. Every Queen Bee piece comes with the signature emblem stamped onto the back.

  • Height: 13-15” tall, Width: 4-5”, Weight: 5 lbs.

  • Hand-sculpted Flower with 24k Gold Leaf embedded in the center

  • 24k Gold Leaf wrap

  • 14 mm glass-on-glass white leaf handle bowl

  • ALL glass-on-glass diffused downstem

  • Stamped with the signature Queen Bee emblem



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